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0 Initial Consultation

Interior design begins with a home consultation followed by a walkthrough of the existing space. A priority list is generated as a follow up.


0 Color Consultation

Available and existing lighting are examined in order to provide a working palette or color way. subsequent home visits may be necessary to narrow down choices.


0 Room Layouts

Detailed room measurements are noted. A two-dimensional plan is drafted and placement of furnishings is determined. 


0 Furniture

Specific styles are presented for purchase based on the intended overall look desired. repurposing existing pieces is encouraged.


0 Fabric

A selection of fabric choices are provided, based on the initial consult and further exploration of individual style.



0 Finishes

The type of flooring lighting and finish chosen depends on the intended use of each room.  Choices are narrowed down to fit the integrity of each project.


0 Accessories

Use what you have or update with a fresh look. Artwork and coordinating items of interest reflecting the personality of each home are carefully chosen and edited prior to placement. This process helps to emphasize the overall feel of the new space.



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